September 08, 2006

Hinduism and Christianity are not compatiable

According to Dizzy Christianity and Hinduism and are not compatiable, which in a strick interprtation is correct. Christianity is monotheist, and it's god is rather jealous being prone to throwing His toys out of the pram should he think that there is any worship of anybody else going on behind His back. Hinduism on the other hand being polly theistic is perfectly compatible with the worship of YHWH, it's gods being in a more open relationship with the followers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The claim that Hinduism is polytheist is incorrect. Hinduism believes in one Supreme God - Brahman or Atman. All others are different paths to the same truth. Hinduism is not comparable with other religionson another count - that its not a religion like the other major religion. infact there is no such word as hindu or hinduism in 'hindu' texts. the word is 'Sanatan Dharma' - meaning the eternal tradition.

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